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The formation in Spiritual healing (Spirituelles Heilen) is holistic

From the times operating alternative medicine and spiritual healing therapies are getting to be the option to heal internally and following that get health insurance physical well-being. Receiving treatment from specialists having a solid past and in reputable schools is exactly what will guarantee the advances; we are professionals in Spiritual healing (Geistiges Heilen) training professionals to aid in the elevation of human consciousness

One of the largest schools of healers in Europe is healer school (Heilerschule) with training programs for those areas of spiritual healing like: spiritual medicine with the New Age, development of spiritual awareness, holistic massage and bodywork, taught by recognized specialists with extensive experience which will make the training an enriching experience that after completed will contribute to make an energy contribution to humanity. Conceived being a Training Institute that complements the field of alternative or complementary medicine, you can expect training in energy healing techniques and techniques.

For our philosophy, the road to spiritual sanction is thought as a procedure that encompasses multiple proportions of human nature factors encompass the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental dimensions considered holistically as an indivisible whole.

Our trainers are prepared to support personal processes according to their own experimentation and self-healing, the Spiritual healing (Spirituelles Heilen) taught in your school are centered on the human being and according to values such as respect, tolerance,and fascination with nature, In our school, a welcoming environment is fostered. We value commitment and support human transitions to full consciousness, and that’s where we’re prepared to motivate and encourage others in their search.

We’re in constant search in the update inside the fields in which we manage to improve our teaching practices and techniques, the graduates of the school have got all the capacity and knowledge to begin inside the practice of spiritual therapies.

December 2, 2018