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Never before Order a bus (Bussi tellimine) was so simple.

We provide you the best tailored service to the transfer simply by bus, together with the best luxuries, for the change in your employees, management or executive staff with the highest chain of command.

We have a array of offers as well as buses that could provide initial line services, our motorists have huge experience in traveling vehicles.

The buses possess the comfort you’re looking for, they come with ac, comfortable seating, special personal lighting for readers on trips at night along with long miles.

Order a bus (Bussi tellimine), it has in no way been thus simple, because we offer you each of our service for your number of travellers you require, up to a capacity involving 52 men and women.

If you wish to coordinate an excursion, each of our buses are the best for the Passenger transport (Reisijate vedu) with the tools pertaining to information along with communication being that they are equipped with microphones, for those activities where they need to inform about the route along with the cultural and historical aspects of the area that’s being been to.

Among the alternatives we offer buses with ability to 19, Twenty-eight, 48 and as much as 52 chairs, all the providers that we offer in our number of vehicles make certain that they will have dipping seats with out hindering the actual passengers that are in the back again so extensive of its spaces, all busses have Hardware, AUX and Compact disc. Our vehicles of better capacity 48 and 52 seats get WC so that it is more comfortable the shift when making long trips.

Special offers for the volume of day that will need the use of each of our transports, to the number of people as well as the time for which they will require the attention, when as a business you are introducing problems for your Passenger carry (Reisijate vedu) and/or staff for your facilities we are able to prepare an outstanding offer for the time that will require our consideration, including happy to you to create the route which should provide our service for such travelling and so all of your employees along with workers will likely be at the time founded by you.

You can expect national and international passenger transport. Stop by through each of our link for more information

December 6, 2018