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Learn how he devotes Orlin Aleksiev part of his resources to the educational infrastructure

There are organizations worldwide that are responsible for analyzing statistical data on investment, the interest of governments of different countries in education. For many countries invest in education is part of their state policies, rather than an expense, the investment of resources in education at different levels meets some of the political, social and economic objectives to ensure a robust educational infrastructure.

The most advanced societies in the world devote a large part of their budgets to educational development at all levels, innovation and educational or research projects are part of the spearhead to ensure quality education and training for generations and societies modern

With this in mind, the Sofia Municipal Council has been implementing some projects led by its municipal councilor Orlin Aleksiev, who in turn is also Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance and Budget currently working to direct all their efforts for the construction, improvement, and maintenance of all the educational infrastructure of this municipality.

Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) is also a member of the Standing Committee on Economy and Property, has also conducted the renewal campaign since 2018, allocating a large amount of funds to ensure the capacity and operation of day care centers, schools and the entire educational infrastructure in general that in turn have contributed to improving the image of the city.

Orlin Aleksiev has also announced that these funds are the result of the sale of municipal property through the Specialized Municipal Privatization Fund, which distributes everything that has been collected in the various projects and annual development programs of the Municipal Council. The councilman has provided the figures where he reveals that during the last 4 years have invested 6.5 million BGN in 81 buildings in all areas of the capital not only for an ornamental purpose but also functional in terms of the structure of educational facilities.

July 1, 2019