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If you run a phone repair shop, this website is just for you

Running any type of business is really hard, especially when you don’t have a platform that covers all your necessities the right way, and trust us, no business is safe from this rule, which means that maybe it is possible to work without an efficient platform, but having it makes everything a lot easier and is most likely to make your commerce grow and succeed the way you want it to do. Now that you know this, let us say that, if you own a cellphone repair shop and don’t have a platform to help your shop, today is your lucky day, because we bring you My Gadget Repairs.

My Gadget Repairs is a website completely dedicated to helping people who own repair shops, and that is the reason why they have a complete platform based on the cloud to keep all the information that you need without having the risk of losing it all in case that you lose the device where you keep it. Their platform will also provide you with innovative and effective methods of reaching new clients and having well-organized feedback with them.

Apart from this, My Gadget Repairs also counts with a customer credit system, which is based on a virtual wallet where your clients would have the credit points that you assign to them, which can later be used to buy products from your store.

This will not only make things easier for you and your customers, but it will also attract new clients due to the fact that this is something innovative that not all businesses apply. This means that your cellphone repair shop will be getting bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Apart from this, they have a customer portal service where you can provide your customers with all the information that they need regarding their repairs and/or your services, fomenting feedback between you and your clients, which is a really important and appreciated aspect in these kinds of businesses.

There are many other important features that this awesome computer repair store software has available for you, are you really going to miss this opportunity? Go to their website right now and find out the privileges of working with My Gadget Repairs!

April 18, 2019