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Enjoy a game that helps your imagination and shows you how to get free passes in episode

Nowadays, the funniest games are the ones that do not pressure you to spend your money and those that do not use hacks. Although it seems impossible, Episode gives you that and much more, because it allows you to configure the plot of the story as best suits you.
With the access to the gems and the passes, you will have the opportunity to fill with free gems on episode. Simply, you must have a smartphone that has iOS or Android and you will be ready to start your story.

You can be the most famous artist, the best sportsman or whatever you want in the Episode game. Do not worry about security, because we have proxies that cannot be detected, in order to provide you with the greatest peace of mind.
The way of free gems on episode is entering and requests the keys of the other players. This you will do, by visiting the game forum and, in this way, you will get them quickly.
There is another alternative of how to get free passes in episode, but here you must wait a little while. If you are not very impatient, you can let the same system fill in the gems, to be able to use them.
This option you can also let it happen automatically, because, daily, the game supplies the gems to develop the action. These methods are very simple and do not represent the risk of hacking.

To avoid downloading dangerous viruses, it is suggested not to open files that are shaded, regardless of whether they assure you that they will not harm the system. It is preferable that you use the generator that is available online, for greater safety.
You already know the best way to get your coins to make the game and adapt it to your preferences. In principle, you can play without having to contribute money, but as you progress and the gems and passes run out, you could buy them and continue playing. Surely, you do not want to stop once you start.

April 16, 2019